Anger over hedge cutting in Lissan, Cookstown

Ballynagilly Lane with the discarded greenery.
Ballynagilly Lane with the discarded greenery.

Residents living in and around Ballynagilly Lane near Lissan are urging hedgecutters to clean up their acts.

For the past two weeks, discarded leaves, branches and other cuttings have been strewn across the road, having been cut down by a contractor thought to have been employed by a resident.

And the debris has been blown around by the recent winds, creating an unsatisfactory mess - as yet, the strewn branches and remnants of hedges has not yet been cleaned up.

Residents are furious that they have to travel through the debris and are concerned that their vehicles could sustain damage, such is the extent of the mess.

“The road is covered with cuttings,” said a resident. “The road is now green instead of black and the verge under the trees is covered with large and small branches so all the walkers around here can’t even stand on the grass verge to let cars past.”

“There are also quite a few branches hanging by a thread - some are around 20 feet high and these could easily injure someone if the wind dislodges the last thread and they drop.”

The area affected is around a quarter of a mile long and it’s hampering dog walkers and motorists.

“You can’t event stand on the side of the road to let a car drive by. If we were out walking, we would normally stand on the grass verge because the road is only so wide to let one car past, but we can’t because the branches and leaves are all piled up and it makes it hazardous,” she said.

“Certainly, the trees needed cutting - but the whole area needs cleaned up,” she added.

The resident also said a school bus carrying pupils from local schools passes along the road at 3:15pm and again at 4:30pm.

“It’s dangerous for the children to have to walk through this,” she said.

The residents say they are fed up having to drive and walk through the branches and hedge cuttings, and are hoping the issue will be rectified swiftly.

A spokesperson for the DRD told the MAIL that Roads Service received a report of excessive debris left after tree cutting had been completed by a private landowner.

“Roads Service inspected the road and arranged for the removal of any large or overhanging branches to make the road safe and to help pedestrians step safely onto the verge.

“This was done last week. However it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear up debris,” pointed out a spokesperson.

Roads Service was due to speak to the owner of the land on Tuesday past (March 11).