Broadband ‘not good enough’ for Cookstown firms


People from Cookstown who rely on their Internet connection for business purposes, have been experiencing problems with their Broadband.

The business people in the A29 area find they are being adversely affected by the slow service and are only achieving speeds of around 1MB.

In response to this, SDLP MLA for Mid Ulster, Patsy McGlone, has urged BT to prioritise improvements to the Broadband network in Cookstown.

Mr McGlone, who chairs the Assembly Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment, wrote to Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster and BT in response to the concerns of Cookstown businesses.

It’s not the first time that rural Broadband users have had complaints with speed. In 2011 Northern Ireland was the loser when it comes to the percentage of lines capable of achieving 2MB/sec. More than a third of the lines (35.9 per cent) in Cookstown had a sync speed slower than the Government’s target.

“A significant number of businesses in the area of the A29 Cookstown to Dungannon Road have been in contact with my office asking for help with problems they are experiencing with their broadband service.

“These businesses are not rurally located, but are just outside Cookstown’s main urban centre. Despite this, they are typically only able to achieve broadband speeds of around 1MB. The businesses concerned turnover hundreds of millions of pounds a year, and employ a large number of people,” Mr McGlone said.

He pointed out that the companies are not expecting a ‘super-fast’ service, but that they do need reasonable broadband speeds that will cope with the demands of their day-to-day business.