Calvary Mission in Molesworth Presbyterian Church

Cookstown'Main Street
Cookstown'Main Street
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A PRAISE Evening will be held in Molesworth Presbyterian Church on Saturday, March 15, at 7.30 p.m. to raise funds for Calvary Mission in Westport. Approximately £10,000 was raised during 2013 from a sponsored walk and a coffee morning. The artists for the evening will be Pathway, Caroline Jones and The Montgomery sisters. Victor Brownlow will entertain on the accordian and Naomi Mitchell on the pipes.

Paudge Mulvihill who spearheads the work in Calvary Mission and has a number of church plants, hopes to attend the Praise evening and inform us of progress made on the new church building. A few years ago Paudge received a generous gift and he was then in a position to purchase a building suitable to be converted for a church. Phase I of the church has already been completed and phase II ready to commence when funds available. Paudge would be really appreciative of any financial help to complete this venture.

For further information please contact Billy and Lila Brown - Tel: 02879418239.