Company director ‘took ire out on police’, Magherafelt court told

Magherafelt Courthouse.
Magherafelt Courthouse.

A MAN who verbally abused police officers after being refused entry to a Magherafelt pub, was Conditionally Discharged for 18 months at the local Magistrates Court.

Darrell Machin (32), company director, of Fireside Close, Knockloughrim, admitted charges of resisting police and disorderly behaviour at Market Street on October 19 last.

A PPS lawyer said at 11.30pm police were called to Mary’s Bar where a male was refused entry and was causing a disturbance.

She said Machin used abusive language towards police and was warned about his behaviour and went away.

The lawyer said police were called again to the premises at 11.55pm, where Machin continued to use abusive language and raised his arm as if to strike an officer.

He was taken to the police station where, when the handcuffs were removed, he began to struggle violently.

A defence lawyer claimed the defendant had been “set off” by an incident inside the bar when his partner had been manhandled.

The lawyer said defendant wrongly took out his ire on police who had been sent to calm the situation.