Crime and fear of crime dropping in Magherafelt



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MORE and more people think the Magherafelt district is changing for the better, according to the Magherafelt Policing and Community Partnership.

The PCSP was established in April 2012, building on the success of the previous Community Safety Partnership and District Policing Partnership.

Now, one year on, the partnership has unveiled the results of research into crime and the fear of crime.

In 2011-12 antisocial behaviour dropped 23%, in 2012-13 it dropped a further 16%.

Fear of crime at night reduced by 9% in 2012-13. The level of fear of crime in older people at night dropped 16% compared with six years ago.

Actual crime has reduced by 4%.

There has been an increase of nearly 10% in the number of people prepared to contact their local neighbourhood police officer, up to 81%, in the last year.

The percentage of people who thought Magherafelt was changing for the better nearly doubled from 2006, with the percentage of people who though it changing for the worse was cut in half.