Conditional discharge for Ballyronan man who smashed glasses during row



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A man who smashed a plate and two glasses after his father told him to “wise up”, was given a Conditional Discharge for 18 months at Magherafelt Magistrates Court.

Twenty-six-year-old Mark Murray, of Lindsayville, Ballyronan, admitted a charge of criminal damage on March 23 last year.

The court heard that police were called to the incident outside Ballyronan at 11.30pm and arriving at the scene were told by the defendant’s father that the defedant arrived home drunk at 10.45pm and “kicked off”.

A prosecuting lawyer said Murray began to argue with his sister in the kitchen at which point his father told him to “wise up”.

Counsel said defendant then picked up a plate and smashed it on the floor, followed by two glasses, causing £10 damage.

Continuing, the lawyer said the defendant was arrested outside and later told police that he had gone out drinking after being suspended from work and did not like to be depending on his father for money.

A defence barrister stressed there was “nothing else pending” against the defendant.

He pointed out that the case had been heard previously by District Judge White who, he claimed, said a certain course would follow if Murray stayed out of trouble.

District Judge Oonagh Mullan said the damage was “of low value”, and told Murray if he kept out of trouble for 18 months that would be the end of the matter.