Drink driver crashed into mini-bus in Dungannon



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Police who attended the scene of a road traffic accident at Ranfurly Road, Dungannon on October 18, discovered a car pointing in the opposite direction to which it had been travelling.

This vehicle had collided with a mini-bus which had partially mounted the pavement and had sustained significant frontal damage. The driver of the car, Arthur Kloc 35, from Belmont, Dungannon was spoken to and officers noted he was showings signs of intoxication. After providing his name he said, “Two beer” which he repeated several times. On speaking with the driver of the minibus he stated he had been driving along the Ranfurly Road on the evening in question when he observed the car approaching from about 20 metres. It appeared to go out of control, and the rear swung out before sliding sideways into the minibus. Kloc was arrested and whilst in custody an evidential specimen of breath returned a reading of 61mg of alcohol, making him 26mg over the legal limit.

In court a defence solicitor explained Kloc and his wife had been out shopping earlier in the day and after returning home he had taken a few tins of beer. His wife then realised she had left her purse in one of the shops they had been in, and the defendant decided to drive back into town to look for the purse when the collision occurred.