Drunk teenage girls in Cookstown ‘unable to stand up’

Underage drinking
Underage drinking
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A number of teenage girls were so drunk in Cookstown on Saturday night, that they could not stand up, it has been claimed.

The Mid Ulster Mail has received several complaints from outraged people who witnessed teenage drinking in the centre of town.

One man - Michael McDonald - who contacted the Mail, said: “On my walk home with my wife I observed, three to four teenage girls lying on the ground at the top of Fairhill.

“They were unable to stand as they were obviously intoxicated.”

Last month, PSNI seized alcohol from teenagers attending a disco in the town.

Crackdown on underage drinking in Cookstown
Mr McDonald who is an Alliance Party representative in the town added: “A large groups of teens, some as young as 12, were getting involved in all sorts along various alleyways from Post Office to Fairhill, which is a very small stretch of our town centre.”

Teenage drinking

Teenage drinking

He added: “I’ve been living in Cookstown all my life and I have never witnessed things as bad as this.

“I have contacted the PSNI to ask why there was no patrols in the town.”

Cookstown teenagers attacked by masked men armed with wooden bats
In another complaint to the Mail, a woman reported: “It was a total disgrace, they [teenagers] were out it.

“What do these parents, think their kids are doing? Do they not realise what is going on with their children?”