Homosexuality should not be legal says Magherafelt councillor

Cllr Paul McLean

Cllr Paul McLean

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A DUP councillor from Magherafelt has said homosexuality should not be legal in Northern Ireland.

Paul McLean who leads his party on the new Mid Ulster council, said he took the ‘biblical perspective’ on the issue, when interviewed by the Irish News in the wake of the resignation of Health Minister Jim Wells.

Jim Wells

Jim Wells

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“The biblical perspective speaks against it, and I take the biblical perspective,” he told the paper.

“I don’t agree with the process, but I have no issue with the people.

“It goes against the bible’s stance - so I don’t believe it should be legal.”

It goes against the bible’s stance - so I don’t believe it should be legal

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In a statement to the Irish News, the DUP said they did not have a policy or any intention to seek the criminalisation of homosexuality.

“Some party members may have personal views on this matter.

“However, the party does not have any such policy nor have we any plans for such a policy in the future.”

The party added: “It is the role of the Churches and of faith to direct the moral positions of people, not a political party.”