Lavey solicitor guilty of winning The Weakest Link

HE FACES tough and scary judges almost everyday, but one Lavey solicitor met his toughest opponent yet in the form of television personality Anne Robinson when he appeared on the BBC game show, The Weakest Link.

Damien Trainor, who lives in Lavey with his wife and baby son, sailed through all the rounds, beating off eight contestants and walking away with the prize money of £2,000.

The 30 year-old was put through his paces by the infamous Queen of Mean, but the “baby solicitor” shone through and got most of his questions right.

He told the Mail: “Anne was just like what you see on television and she never breaks her character. She is around the set during the day and she stays totally in character, when she turns it on it’s daunting and you know she has done her homework on each of the contestants. But I think she had a soft spot for me, the only thing she called me was a “baby solicitor”.

“Although I didn’t like to give away too much, I knew I couldn’t get the better of her, so didn’t try too hard.

“I actually applied for the show that long ago I had forgotten about it until January this year when I got a phone call from someone saying they were calling from The Weakest Link. At first I didn’t even take it seriously until they started recalling some of the answers to the questions they asked on the application form.

“I told them I would take the money to Las Vegas and enter the World Series Poker and turn the thousands into millions. They asked silly questions like how I would tackle Anne Robinson, which was easy as I’ve been at the receiving end of judges who are far scarier so she shouldn’t be much bother. I deal with criminal law so she should be a piece of cake.

“I was then put through different auditions and got a phone call a few weeks later to say I got through and would be appearing on the show. At first I was a bit sceptical because it would have looked embarrassing if I was put out in the first round!

“All the contestants spent quite a while together before the show and had fun with each other. I then thought, as the only Irish person there, it would be a good strategy to go with the charm offensive and not make myself a target. In the first round no one got any questions wrong. I got through the first round and from there on it was quite easy to see who the weak links were.

“There was always someone who was not banking and not answering the questions correctly and so the voting took care of itself. I think I was being quite tactical about it by voting out the good contestants as the rounds went on.

“It was brilliant to win the show and to have seen how good the girl I was up against was and then win was fantastic. I was happy enough with how I did.”

The Lavey man plans to spend his prize money on a family holiday.

RIGHT: Damien on the show.