New face ‘excited’ about Mid Ulster super council fight

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A NEW face on Sinn Fein’s team of election hopefuls vying for a spot on the new Mid Ulster ‘super council’, says she is “nervous but excited” about embarking on her political career at such a significant time for local government.

As right hand woman to Mid Ulster MLA and Agriculture Minister, Michelle O’Neill, Linda can count on the support of her mentor, as well as fellow Torrent councillor, Nuala McKernan Donnelly (who has replaced Cllr Dessie Donnelly after he stood down from Dungannon Council), and the other members of the Sinn Fein team across the three Mid Ulster councils.

She told the TIMES: “It’s a great thing to have more women going forward and Sinn Fein has reached their target for the number of women going forward right across the island, which is 30%. I think we’ve done very well to have so many people putting their name forward because it isn’t easy. I know from working with Michelle that it isn’t easy but I know what I’m letting myself in for and I’m looking forward to it.”

On the subject of the new so-called super councils, Linda adds: “It is a new era for us and a new opportunity for us. There will be new area plans and a chance for us all to do the best for our own areas.

“We will hopefully have a very strong Sinn Fein team right across Mid Ulster and we will do as we have always done and fight for our own areas.”

Read Linda’s interview in full in this week’s Tyrone Times and Mid Ulster Mail.


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