Toddler escapes arson attack on Cookstown home

The extensive fire damage at a property on the Pomeroy Road Cookstown after Sunday nights arson attack.INMM1114-398SR

The extensive fire damage at a property on the Pomeroy Road Cookstown after Sunday nights arson attack.INMM1114-398SR


A distrught mother has spoken of her shock and disbelief after her marital home was attacked by arsonists while she, her fiancé and two-year-old daughter were asleep in bed.

The woman, who did not wish to be identified was awoken in the early hours of Monday morning (10th March) by a loud bang in her home on Pomeroy Road, just outside Cookstown.

She told the MAIL at first she thought someone was trying to break into the house, “I heard a bang and I shouted to my fiancé ‘someone is in the house’ and I thought it was a light that I could see but I only realised when I jumped out of bed that it was the flames coming down the hall,

“Myself and my partner were in the bedroom nearest the front door, and my daughter had been sick all over the weekend, we had the doctor out to see her on Saturday night, so we took her to bed early on Sunday night at 9,30pm. We had been up a few times in the night, my fiancé had been up at 1,30am to go a check on a cow at the family farm, and we had been up checking our daughter’s temperature every hour. We must have fell asleep shortly after that. We ran and got our daughter as soon as we realised, the thick smoke inside the house was unreal.”

Visably shaken and distraught by the incident the resident said: “We made our way out through the back door, I was shaking in such a panic I couldn’t even dial 999, I was that bad. We give out everyday about the potholes in the driveway and how we haven’t got round to fixing them yet, but thank god they were there, my partner put out most of the fire at the front himself before the fire brigade arrived. It was just surreal.

“I can’t even describe how this makes me feel. Last night when I went to bed, it just kept going over and over in my head, the flames in this house was unbelievable. This was attempted murder of three innocent people, two adults and a wee two year-old child, it just does not make sense to us. I don’t understand why someone would stop their car and come up to someone elses house and leave something at the door to try and burn people in their beds. What would them people have done if they heard the next day that a child had been killed, two adults and a child, burnt to death, why would someone want to do that?

“The whole roof space is destroyed as well, the fire brigade said a few seconds more and the roof would have came down.”

The young couple are due to get married later this year and had been in the process of getting the house ready for then.

She continued: “My fiance has been very sick since this, I’m worried about him too. Our daughter is completely out of sorts. We were driving past the house yesterday and she just kept crying saying ‘Daddy, take me home’. She knows something is not right, we’re trying to stay strong for her, but it is not easy.”

Anyone who can help police with their enquiries is asked to contact quoting reference number 94100314, on 0845 600 8000. Alternatively information can be passed via Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.




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