Video: Cookstown’s young people urged not to fall into debt

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YOUNG people in the Cookstown and Magherafelt areas are being encouraged to avoid getting into unnecessary debt.

And to guide them, the Housing Executive has produced a new DVD warning of the pitfalls of spending more than they can afford.

Keeping up with the latest trends, going out with friends, or simply being tempted by the latest ‘must haves’, more young people are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

The draw of loans and credit cards being offered on line and on television means many young people are getting themselves into unnecessary debt, which can spiral out of control.

The DVD, produced by the Housing Executive in partnership with the Northern Ireland Youth Forum, is aimed at those who are under 25 years old.

It tells the stories of three young people, how easy it was to get into debt and the impact on their lives.

The DVD has been uploaded to YouTube - - or you can watch it above.

Copies of the DVD are also available from


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