Video: Petrol bombs could have burned me alive says Maghera farmer

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A Maghera farmer says he could have been burned alive when a petrol bomb came threw his living room window.

Clarke White said he had been using the living room as a bed room and was asleep when the attack happened early on Saturday morning.

“It came right through and hit the far wall,” he told the MAIL today. “I threw dishes of water on it but it wouldn’t go out.”

Mr Clarke said he managed to smother the flames with clothes.

A second petrol bomb hit the front door of his Crewe Road bungalow.

Mr White believes he is lucky to be alive.

His home has been attacked 12 times in the past 15 months.

All the windows in the bungalow have been smashed; a caravan burned, and livestock stolen.

He says there has been a concerted campaign to get him to leave.

“The petrol bombing has been the most serious because I came close to getting killed,” he added.

The PSNI are investigating and have appealed for witnesses to telephone then on 0845 600 8000.

Full story in this week’s South Derry Mid Ulster Mail




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