Machinist loses licence for year

A MAN who arrived at a pre-arranged meeting with police with drink on him, has lost his licence for a year.

Eoin Patrick Hughes (27), machinist, of Largantogher Park, was also fined £125 with a £15 offenders levy for driving while having consumed excess alcohol.

Hughes was also fined £75 for having no insurance.

A PPS lawyer said police were at Main Street in Maghera at 6.50pm on June 23 when the defendant arrived in a car.

He said officers noted that Hughes’ eyes were glazed and his speech was slurred and a subsequent breath test showed an alcohol count of 58mcg, 28 in excess of the prescribed limit.

Admitting the offence Patrick McGuckin, solicitor, said the defendant had arranged to meet the police about another matter up the street, as he did not want them calling at his home.

Mr McGuckin said the defendant had been drinking the previous day and thought he was safe to drive the 100 yards from his home.

Hughes was certified as suitable to take part in the anti-drink driving rehabilitation course which, if successfully completed, entitles him to a 25 per cent reduction in his period of disqualification.