Magherafelt council to consider grant aid for oil clubs

Magherafelt council
Magherafelt council

Magherafelt District Council is to provide a grant-aid scheme towards encouraging the setting up more oil clubs in the area.

It follows a recent meeting in the council offices when Michael Kelly, from the Killowen oil club, explained the idea of bulk buying oil and making a club work.

The Killowen club is extremely popular with householders on the estate after it was set up to help the most vulnerable six months ago.

Mr Kelly explained that asking people for membership fees was unlikely to get the clubs off the ground. It was proposed that the council take financial control out of the hands of individuals in order to get the clubs established.

Environmental Health Officer Maurice Young told the council that interested community members were in attendance from neighbouring areas.

He said it was hoped that the concept and participation can increase and spread following the meeting. “The proposal describes the benefits of establishing an oil club and provides some background to the financial pressures on vulnerable members of the community,” he said.

“It also outlines how costs to establish and run for a year are likely to be in the region of £150. This can be financed via a small membership fee but the proposal suggests this may be seen as a barrier.”