McLean slams Magherafelt Council’s plans to spend £50,000 on promoting Irish

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DUP group leader on Magherafelt District Council, Councillor Paul McLean says he has “major concerns” about how monies are being directed within the council.

At Tuesday night’s meeting when members passed a 0% increase in the rates for the incoming year, Councillor McLean said he was unhappy and asked for his remarks made at a earlier meeting to be recorded.

Speaking to the MAIL after the meeting, Mr McLean said he welcomed the 0% increase but expressed concerned about where the money was being directed.

“For example Sinn Fein are insisting that over £50,000 be spent on promoting the Irish language policy in a time when many of our ratepayers and local businesses are struggling to make ends meet,” he said.

“This is very much in keeping with Sinn Fein’s mentally on many council issues - it doesn’t seem to matter to them whose struggling financially providing they achieve their Republican agenda.”