Outrage as vandals set fire to hut at Drum Manor in Cookstown

Fire at Drum Manor
Fire at Drum Manor
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Suspected vandals have sparked outrage after setting fire to a covered seating area at Drum Manor Forest Park in Cookstown.

Posted on Facebook by ‘MyCookstown’ this photograph from Metro CCTV shows the blaze engulfing the hut and the fire also appears to have damaged a tree at the popular amenity.

Dozens of people have posted their sentiments of disgust.

“There are those who set out to destroy something others love it’s jealousy coupled with vandalism,” said one person.

Another responded: “That’s so sad - we climbed those trees and got photos taken there when we were kids and we had our kids there yesterday - climbing those very trees and playing in that wee hut. Terrible.”

Some people have speculated that the fire may have been started by an abandoned barbecue.

The charred remains of the hut. Photo Cllr. Mark Glasgow.

The charred remains of the hut. Photo Cllr. Mark Glasgow.

Mid Ulster councillor Mark Glasgow took to Twitter to express his anger.

He said: “Extremely cross and disappointed that the hut at Drum Manor FP has been burnt, this hut was enjoyed and used by everyone.”