Scrapping of bi-lingual signs welcomed

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DUP Mid-Ulster MLA and Regional Development Committee Member, Ian McCrea, has welcomed the decision by Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy MLA not to introduce bi-lingual signs across the roads network in Northern Ireland and said such money should be spent on roads maintenance.

Mr McCrea said: “I welcome the decision by the Minister not to introduce bi-lingual signage across Northern Ireland and commend the common sense approach taken on this matter.

“When the previous DRD Minister suggested a consultation on the matter in the last mandate, I made it clear that such a decision would require cross party support. Dual signage would not be a good use of public money in this austere climate.

“Many people in my constituency would prefer money to be spent on maintaining their rural roads rather than on bi-lingual road signage.

“The English language is spoken and understood all around the world therefore is adequate for our signage. Common sense has prevailed.”