Speed calming welcomed

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SDLP Councillor Jim Campbell has welcomed the recent completion of traffic calming measures including 20mph speed limits in Parkmore, Highfield and Westland estates with more programmed for a later date.

The Magherafelt councillor said: “Ultimately the PSNI are responsible for enforcing speed restrictions but clearly they do not have sufficient resources to cover all areas 24/7.

“Motorists have a public duty to adhere to speed limits but it is a sad fact that these are all too often ignored and traffic ramps are necessary to help restrict speed, prevent accidents and save lives.

“With this in mind I have asked Roads Service to include Meadowbank Road in their traffic calming programme. This stretch of road is like a race track at times and is particularly dangerous given the high numbers of children and adults crossing this road to access Meadowbank Sports Arena and adjoining playing fields. Making a right turn off this road can be a risky manoeuvre for motorists at times even with a speed limit of 30mph.”