Lough Neagh darts league



Forbes 1 McCrystals 5

Cove 4 Sit n Sip 2

Dans v Evergreen (Postponed)

Castlebay BYE

*NOTE - Laverys A have withdrawn from the league, therefore all results against them are now void and any further fixtures against them will now be a BYE for the opposing team.


Tavern 4 Battery 2

Sit n Sip B 3 Dans B 3

Laverys 4 Castlebay B 2

Loup BYE

Please note that the league doubles will be played this Friday 2nd November in the Roadside Tavern. All entries have been received and the draw will be made prior to Friday in order to ensure a 9:30pm start time.

No entries will be taken on the night as per league rules (NO EXCEPTIONS).

All teams are reminded that any league fixtures that were down to be played this weekend will now be played the following week (Friday 9th November)