Springhill Boxing Club

ON Saturday, Springhill BC travelled to Burnfoot in County Donegal, where members were competing in the 9 Counties. The club had two boys entered and they were Sean McNamee at 46kg and Darragh McVey at Youth. Both boys weigned in successfully and awaited the draw.

McNamee was first out of the hat and he was drawn to box in a straight final against a boxer from St.Agnes BC in Belfast.

McVey found himself in the hat with five others, which meant one bout and three byes to get to the semi finals. McVey was drawn out to fight A. Brady from Keady BC in Armagh.

Boxing began at 1.30pm. McVey was the sixth bout and it was certainly a thrilling bout. Round 1 saw both fighters sizing each other up and Brady was adjudged to have won it by 2-1.

The second bout continued in a similar fashion and Brady won by 3-2. McVey knew that he had a huge task on his hands in the third round. McVey went out and produced a stunning third round performance as he bloodied the nose of Brady with a cracking right hand.

Brady held on to secure victory and the Springhill coaches were delighted with McVeys performance. To his credit, McVey took the decision like a true sportsman. The club would like to wish Sean McNamee all the best in his final this Saturday.

If anyone is interested in taking up the sport of boxing they are asked to come along to our clubrooms at the foot of Chapel Hill in the building known as the Barn Loft. We run three nights a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Doors open at 7pm and training starts at 7.30pm.

Admission is £2 and the offer is open to both boys and girls. We look forward to welcoming new members to our club.

Ladies boxercise and keep fit continues at the club every Tuesday and Thursday evening. It is £5 for two sessions or £3 for one