Rainey Ladies gain revenge on Limavady

SATURDAY 3rd December saw Rainey meet Limavady for the second time this year in the league, however, after a loss of 2-1 away to Limavady, Rainey were determined to prove their skill and potential in this league.

From the first whistle the match got off to a firing start as Rainey dominated possession. Within the initial 5 minutes, Claire Mullholland had a successful deflection at goals, leaving Rainey leading the game 1-0. Spirits were raised and Rainey continued to play with speed and efficiency. With numerous arced runs around the right hand side from Megan Mulholland and a lot of movement from the forward line, the ball was dropped back to the top of the circle where yet again, Claire Mulholland picked it up for a straight shot on goals. The ball sped past Limavady’s defence to leave Rainey leading 2-0.

Limavady began to recognise the patterns the home side had been using and attempted to slow down play, however, Rainey remained in control and won some well-deserved short corners. These proved unsuccessful; however they began to wear down the opposing defence.

Many more shots were had on goals were had and eventually, a ball dropped back to the top of the circle to Claire Mulholland was taken on an impressive reverse sweep and fired into the net. Claire’s hatrick left Rainey winning 3-0 at half time.

Beginning the second half, it was evident that Limavady were pushing to reach Rainey’s circle. Several counter attacks were made on their part, and after many attempts Limavady were awarded a short corner. Rachel Clarke made a quick dash out and cleared the ball.

With relentless attack on Rainey’s defence, Rebecca Allen made some crucial saves to keep Rainey’s confidence and drive at a high. With the defence remaining tight for the remainder of the match and Rainey’s offensive game causing havoc for Limavady, Rainey were rewarded with a fourth goal when Zara Bell dropped the ball into the penalty spot where Jenna Bowman deflected it into the corner of the goals.

Rainey’s team morale remained high, and with continued pressure in Limavady’s defence, triangles from the mid-fielders and communication all over the pitch the final goal came as a result. Zara Bell took a shot at goals; although hitting the post didn’t prove too unfortunate for the team as this rebound was picked up by Nicole Heaney and pushed to the backboard. 5-0. Rainey remained calm and possessive for the last 5 minutes of the game, holding their victory.

This was a great win for the Rainey Ladies and a great team effort all around.

Player of the Match: Claire Mulholland

Rainey 2nd XI travelled to Mossley for another league match this week knowing they would have a tough game against the Mossley side. The first half saw even play from both teams, with Rainey defence staying strong throughout the entire half.

In the second half Rainey came out the stronger team and quickly took the lead with a strong air shot from Centre Forward Emma Leslie taking Rainey ahead with their first goal. Rainey defence continued to hold back any Mossley attacks.

Towards the end of the first half, Centre Back Louise Gregg stepped up to take a hit out at the edge of the Rainey circle, passing it straight to left wing Kathryn Stewart who relayed it to Shauna Donald on the right. Shauna Donald went head-to-head with a number of Mossley defence to end with a lovely goal past the keeper. Rainey ended the match with a well deserved 2-0 victory.

Player of the Match - Robyn Hastings