Revington announces two squads

Ian Hughes has been called up the Irish Peripheral training squad
Ian Hughes has been called up the Irish Peripheral training squad

IRELAND coach Paul Revington has named two current Cookstown players in his ‘core’ and ‘peripheral’ squads, in preparation for their Olympic qualifying campaign.

The qualifying tournament for the Olympic takes place in Dublin from 10th to 18th March.

Revington has named 24 players in his core squad and 22 in his peripheral squad. The squad will prepare for the qualifiers by going abroad from the 16th -29th January and 4th - 12th February 2012 to avail of warm weather training.

Irish squad regular Ian Sloan has been named in the core squad alongside former Cookstown player David Ames, who currently plies his trade with Beeston in England.

Cookstown goalkeeper Ian Hughes has been called up into the peripheral squad.

Coach Revington was excited about the prospect of Ireland hosting Olympic qualifying games in March.

He said, “We enter another exciting period as an Ireland squad on the back of the hard work put in by everyone over the course of the past 18 months.”

Revington added, “the core squad is by no means a ‘closed squad’ and as per previous years there is always scope for players to push their way into selection contention. The period December 2011 to March 2012 will be filled with training and game opportunities for the squad as we prepare to tackle the Olympic qualifier on home soil together.”