What do you think of your town?

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Town centres are at the centre of life in Northern Ireland - so what do you feel about the one nearest you?

The changing face of retail is one reason why town centres are under increasing threat.

Online sales can pull spending money away from physical shops and even out-of-town retail outlets can find that more shoppers are choosing to use their smartphones to source what they want rather than visit on foot.

However, the traditional town centre - especially in Northern Ireland - is a unique place and well worth preserving.

That’s why we are asking readers to speak up for their town centres.

In this unique survey - carried out by the Mid Ulster Mail - we are giving you the chance to tell us how you think your town centre can be improved - and where its strengths lie.

We will be printing the results, complete with as many comments as we can. We hope that the information we gather will be used by the relevant authorities to take whatever steps they can to sustain the energy of our town centres for future generations.

Your views may also even encourage those within the business community to look at different options or opportunities.

So now it really is over to you!

Let us know what you think about Cookstown, Magherafelt and Maghera by filling in the relevant online form. Click on the link below: Click Here for Cookstown - Click here for Magherafelt and Click here for Maghera.
The deadline for submissions is Monday, May 20.