Pupils are top of the class

Cookstown High School pupils who gained  9 or more As or A *
Cookstown High School pupils who gained 9 or more As or A *

GCSE pupils at Cookstown High School have again surpassed Northern Ireland averages with their results.

While across the province changes to the GCSE grading structure saw a fall in A* grades, 36.7% of grades awarded at Cookstown High School were A* or A.

Cookstown High School pupils obtained an impressive 36.7% of all GCSE grades in the top category of A* or A, in contrast to a fall across the province in A* grades.

The Northern Ireland average was 82.2% of grades at A*-C, while Cookstown High School achieved 82.4% in this category.

Overall the percentage of pupils achieving grades A* - C in five or more GCSE exams including English and Maths was up by almost 2%.

The Principal of the High School, Ms Gwyneth Evans acknowledged the achievement of all concerned saying, “The success of our GCSE pupils is a testament to their hard work and also the commitment of staff and the support of parents.

“As a combined grammar and secondary school we are delighted that not only do we perform as well as selective grammar schools, but we encourage achievement and aspiration among all our pupils. It is great that not only have we seen improvement among top grades achieved but also to see the success of pupils across the school in a wide variety of courses.

“Six pupils achieved a combination of A* and A grades across their results: Gary Bell 6 A*’s and 3 A’s, Alice Boden 8 A*’s and 1 A, Kathryn Carson 9 A*’s, Rebecca Collins 7 A*’s and 2 A’s, James Gilmour 3 A*’s and 6 A’s ands Bobbi Kane 10 A*’s

“At the High School we strive for excellence, offer opportunity and provide support to all our learners and an increasing number of pupils find they can thrive in that atmosphere.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who has achieved success in these exams and wish them well as they return to embark on their A Level studies.”