Chance to share your experiences of A&E


The Patient and Client Council are calling on members of the public to share their experiences of A&E services.

As part of a Review of Urgent and Emergency Care the next public workshop will take place on Monday (February 17) at the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh from 1pm – 4pm.

The review of Urgent & Emergency Care is the second area being looked at under the Make Change Together programme, led by the Patient and Client Council in conjunction with the Public Health Agency and Department of Health.

The voice of the public is necessary in this review of Urgent and Emergency Care services especially when considering growing factors affecting the sector such as longer waiting times, an increasing demand for services and growing complexity of conditions.

Frequent users of A&E, including those who care for older people, those with infants and children and those with, or caring for those with mental health issues, are encouraged to get involved.

Commenting on the Review of Urgent and Emergency Care, Vivian McConvey, Chief Executive of the Patient and Client Council, said: “Working with the community is critical to ensure the review accurately reflects the needs and wants of our general public regarding Urgent and Emergency Care. We encourage as many people as possible to register for our next workshop in Omagh.

“Frequent users of Urgent and Emergency Care can provide us with invaluable insight as their lived experiences give a true reflection on the current services and what needs improved.

“By getting involved and working alongside the appropriate health bodies and partners, Make Change Together can effectively influence how services are structured and delivered in the future.”

Those attending the workshop will have support provided before, during and after sessions and appropriate out of pocket expenses reimbursed.