Brendan Grace brings his characters to Burnavon, Cookstown

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One of the greatest family comedians of our generation is appearing at the Burnavon, Cookstown on Wednesday 12th November at 8pm.

And as always it’s a funny old world when seen through the eyes of Brendan Grace.

His comedic characters are pure comedy gold; the sanctimonious priest who knows more than he’s telling: ‘’Blessed is he who gets married in the nick of time’’; the father of the bride makes a speech at his daughter’s wedding: ‘’She could have married someone with money; she could have married someone who was working. She could have married someone who wasn’t working…but was willing to work.’’ And then, then there’s the infamous schoolboy, “Bottler”, with the unspeakable personal habits and a fine line in sympathy pleas. Brendan Grace is all of these and more. Each cock-eyed portrait he paints has a ring of truth that brings audiences to the point of apoplexy.

Brendan’s material owes more to the best of the traditional stand-up-comics than it does to modern alternative humour and his show is very much a show for all the family. There is sincerity about his act that endears you to him, and his off-stage persona is very much a ‘man of the people’ as he makes himself available after each show for a photo and a ‘meet and greet’

Tickets cost £20 and can be purchased at the Box Office at the Burnavon or telephone 028 8676 9949 option 1. Tickets can also be purchased online at, and don’t forget to keep an eye on for updates.