Countdown to Andrea Begley’s debut album

Andrea Begley photographed at Dean Street Studio, London, 7 August 2013. Photo by: Carsten Windhorst /
Andrea Begley photographed at Dean Street Studio, London, 7 August 2013. Photo by: Carsten Windhorst /

POMEROY songbird and winner of The Voice Andrea Begley has said she is “really excited” about the release of her debut album ‘The Message’ which is out on 21st October.

Speaking to the MAIL, Andrea said that it has been a very busy few months for her but she is ‘very happy’ with the finished product and excited about the release.

Andrea said: “My take on some of the songs, people might not expect them to be done in that way. I was conscious from my point of view, I wanted to put my own spin on things. The good thing about the album is it has got a good mix of songs. It has got some of the songs from the show, some songs that I enjoy singing, songs that I have listened to over the years and finally some original stuff as well. So it is showing different strands to me as an artist. I wanted to show people that I have diversity and the ability to deliver different genres and I think that has been achieved in the end.”

Andrea’s mentor on The Voice Danny O’Donoghue has produced the title track of the album ‘The Message’ and Andrea said it was great to work with him again,

“It was great, he is so nice and comfortable to work with. We got a lot done in the studio time which we had. He was very much the perfectionist when it came to the recording, making me do lots of takes. But in the end it was great because the sound we got, I think it is probably if not my favourite, then one of my favourite tracks off the album,” she said.

Being a very busy bee in London, Andrea said she still makes time to come home to her native Pomeroy and see her family, friends and supporters.

She said: “I’ve been home quite a bit, but in the next few weeks I will be away in London quite a lot. I’ve been getting great support from everyone at home, they have been asking how things are going and looking to know what date the album is out, so I have had lots of good support as I always did from everyone at home.”

Andrea is also gearing up for her own concert in the Ulster Hall in Belfast on 3rd November which she is also very much looking forward to.

“I am really looking forward to it, really excited. The album will obviously be the main focus but there will be some other songs maybe some Irish tunes while I’m there, so I can’t wait for that and to get out there and perform to the audience again. The Ulster Hall is a great venue so it is great to be playing there too.”

Despite all the hours Andrea has put in at the studio with her new album she has also found the time to bring out a book about her journey so far through The Voice and afterwards with recording her album.

The book entitled ‘Didn’t See That Coming’ is released on 24th October 2013, sure to make a nice stocking filler this Christmas.