Discover the secret world of Carndaisy Glen

Discover the secret world of Carndaisy Glen.
Discover the secret world of Carndaisy Glen.

LOVERS of history and nature are invited to joing the Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership on a fascinating heritage walk in the woods of Carndaisy Glen on October 5 setting off at 1pm.

This fun and free event for all the family is a great way to get out and discover the secret world of Carndaisy Glen – one of the East Sperrins’ little known treasures. From geology to history, Carndaisy Glen has a lot to offer in this afternoon stroll.

“The rich history and biodiversity of the Sperrins is something we can all enjoy,” explained Stéphanie Baine, Landscape Officer for the Sperrins Gateway. “From legends to fungi, there’s always something new to see and learn. This guided walk is an excellent way of finding out what is right on our doorstep.”

Ronnie Irvine, local naturalist, and Mark Edgar, Biodiversity Officer for Mid-Ulster, will guide us through the glen to share some of its history and look at the natural wonders of Northern Ireland in autumn.

And for those who are fascinated by fungi, there is the opportunity to join the Northern Ireland Fungus Group experts looking particularly for those unseen and unusual fungi ahead of the National Fungus Day on October 13.

“There should be plenty to see,” explained Debbie Nelson of the NI Fungus Group, ‘“nd looking for the beautiful structures of fungi will reveal plenty of other autumn delights around the Glen.”

If you’d like to take part in the Nature Walk or join the Fungus Foray on Saturday, October 5, meet the group at 1pm in the parking at Carndaisy Glen. All ages are welcome to this free event but children need to be accompanied. Dress for the weather and for walking off road – it’s been a good summer but this is Northern Ireland and so best not to wear shorts in the woods. For more information contact Stéphanie on 028 7962 8750.