Full of ‘folksy charm’ with ‘cinematic scope’

Bluesman Denver McCord
Bluesman Denver McCord

In his first outing as a solo artist, Cookstown singer Denver McCord has had to dig deep to produce a wonderful album, full of heart and stacked with touches of sheer class.

Best known for his work with grunge-punk outfit, Novice, McCord has slowed it down for ‘Confessions, Questions & Tales’ - but the impact of the music and themes are no less significant. It positively seeps of folksy charm despite its cinematic scope.

Starting with the eighties-flavoured pop of ‘Real Eyes’ the action kicks up a notch for the rocking number ‘Spellbound’ which is part Stooges, part Hives and a real stand out.

First single from the album, ‘How Long (‘Til I See You Again), is one that will have you humming for days while ‘Before It’s Too Late’ takes it down a notch but, like every song on the album, has a melodic hook that takes hold and doesn’t let go.

‘Sparkle & Fade’ is a big rock lovesong with a special vocal arrangement while ‘Destination Nowhere’ gets the blood going again thanks to its Seasick Steve vocal and Kyuss-like riff work.

Next up is ‘All the Way’, a pretty little country-esque ditty which perfectly makes way for the grunge-folk ‘Someday?’.

‘Get Your Act Together’ brings it all together with a Frank Turner meets Eddie Cochrane ditty which leaves the listener feeling upbeat and ready to start the album again.

The result of ‘Confessions, Questions & Tales’ is more akin to the offical soundtrack to an indie film than to your average production, and that is not accidental:

“The album is a collection of nine self-penned compositions which I would describe as being an autobiographical soundtrack,” McCord told the Mail.

“The first track, ‘Real Eyes’, acts as the opening credits while the album finishes with ‘Get Your Act Together’ bringing the movie, so to speak, to a close.

“While the core of the material between has been meticulously placed, guiding the listener through a narrative that addresses situations and themes which I was feeling, without giving too much away, a lot of the writing deals with relationship matters which I think most people if not everyone can relate to.”

That the 35-year-old from Cookstown provides most of the instrumentation, writing and vocals as well as the artwork and sat in the production chair, speaks volumes about the intent to bring together the concept on ‘Confessions, Questions & Tales’.

CDs are available at: The Burnavon and Sheehy’s Newsagent, Cookstown; Stewart’s Music Shop, Dungannon; Top 40, Magherafelt; and Head in Belfast.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/denvermccordmusic