Gallery: Magherafelt model prepares for her sixth Belfast Fashion Week

Magherafelt born model Jayne Higgins is preparing to take to the catwalk at Belfast Fashion Week next month for her sixth season as the iconic fashion show celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The 22-year-old PR graduate, who has just recently turned full-time model living and working in Dublin, took time out of her busy schedule to speak to the MAIL about Fashion Week and her favourite fashion and beauty items.

Local model Jayne Higgins

Local model Jayne Higgins

Speaking about why she loves Belfast Fashion Week, Jayne said: “It’s just a great show to be involved in. Living and working in Dublin obviously it is nice to get up home. I love doing Belfast Fashion Week as it is very relaxed and it is great fun.

“You are there for three or four days and it is always great to see the girls who maybe you know from University or know from going out in Belfast.”

Jayne said getting to see the ranges from local designers is her favourite thing about fashion week,

“My favourite thing is probably having the local designers on board and for them to be able to truly showcase their designs and hard work.

Jayne Higgins

Jayne Higgins

“It is great having all the other retailers as well but with local designers it is people you know, and who have spent months and months designing. They are so creative and talented it is great for them to be able to showcase that.”

Jayne is currently signed to two modelling agencies, CMPR in Belfast and Andrea Roche in Dublin, and gets her modelling genes from her mother,

“My mum modelled for years, she was with Morgan in Dublin and has been modelling for 20 odd years. But I didn’t start until I went to University because I wanted to try and get my A-Levels and concentrate on getting to University. It is only since May this year that I have went full-time after I graduated in June.

“It had always been a part-time thing for me when I was at University and it was great for extra cash but I wanted to graduate and do that first. I didn’t expect it to take off for me like it did,” she added.

Jayne Higgins

Jayne Higgins

Speaking about her fashion icons and inspirations, Jayne said: “In terms of designers, I love JW Anderson, particularly with being from Mid-Ulster as well, that’s a real success story.

“But I also love Victoria Beckham, I love very structured, well-cut, bold colours. I’m not one for wearing many patterns, I like things to be very simple and clean-cut so for me Victoria Beckham’s range is amazing.”

Despite being in the modelling industry, Jayne says she finds it hard to relate to the super models who adorn cover after cover of high-end fashion magazines,

“When it comes to models I love Heidi Klum, but I find it very unrealistic, even though I am in the modelling industry I find it sometimes hard for girls like myself who are modelling to look at them and be like those girls are superhuman.

“I would hate for girls to think they have to aspire to that, it all comes down to Photoshop I suppose. I don’t like to say oh I would love to look like her etc but I admire their work, but you know from being in the industry 30-40 per cent of it is the model and the lighting is just everything else.”

The full show schedule for Belfast Fashion Week 2014 is available online at along with details of this season’s trends plus links to all participant retailers and sponsors. The most fashionable tickets in town are priced at £20 or £25 for FROW and are available by calling 028 9024 6609 or via the website (where you’ll also find details of the movie night, Sushi Saturday at Shiro and LIDL Style Sunday at SHU). All ticket prices include a fabulous goodie bag and a refreshing West Coast Cooler.

Jayne’s Favourite Things

We asked the stunning model to tell us some of her favourite beauty and fashion items

1. Favourite item of clothing you just couldn’t live without?

My favourite item of clothing at the minute is a great jersey jumpsuit I got from TK Maxx, it is not fancy at all but I wear it to all my shows. It is so handy to just throw on because you can’t really go in jeans as you get marks on your legs and you are always changing all the time so it is the best for just throwing on. I literally couldn’t live without it.

2. Favourite beauty product?

I’m a huge fan of Sudocrem. I know it’s a basic product but I swear by it for spots and blemishes. I find coming off a shoot and having makeup on every day, and there is nothing better than taking it all off and using Sudocrem. I even put it under my eyes and everything, that is my main product that I just love.

3. Favourite makeup brand?

I would get a lot of my makeup out of Paddy McGurgan’s makeup store in Belfast. I think it is important to find a foundation that matches your skin type. It took me so long to get a foundation that actually can work with my skin, so getting the right brand and type of foundation is key for each individual I think.

4. Favourite makeup item?

I could not leave the house without having my eyebrows drawn in, regardless of where I was going that is my main things. Paddy (McGurgan) has got a great eyebrow kit that is brilliant, I could go out with no other makeup on but I definitely have to have my eyebrows done.

5. Favourite skin care product?

I really rate some of the high street skincare products like ‘Simple’ for example is a great brand. I do think it is important to look after your skin, but equally it is important just like your foundation to find products that suit your skin. There is no point in me recommending products that are great for me that might just not suit someone else with different skin to myself.

6. Favourite hair care products/top hair care tip?

Bellaire Hair and Beauty in Belfast are my hair sponsors and they treat my hair every time I am in. My hair is backcombed five days of the week and I would go to them and get a good conditioning treatment in my hair.

It is important as well when colouring your hair to be using the best products that won’t damage or ruin your hair.

I know not every girl can afford to go to the hairdressers and get a hair treatment but just buying a coconut hair mask from the likes of Boots is all you need to keep it in good condition.

I would also say if girls are backcombing their hair a lot to make sure they are un-backcombing it in the right way. Look it up on YouTube and something as simple as that can really help.

I would also say if girls are backcombing their hair a lot to make sure they are un-backcombing it in the right way. Look it up on YouTube and something as simple as that can really help.