Kittens found at sewage works in Magherafelt

Home wanted for kittens found at Magherafelt sewerage works.
Home wanted for kittens found at Magherafelt sewerage works.

Pulling rags and cuddly toys from a pump, lifting out underwear and jewellery and re-homing two abandoned kittens...all in a day’s work for staff working at Magherafelt Wastewater Treatment works

Colin Jackson, Field Manager at NI Water, explains: “We are used to finding strange things down the sewers and at the sewerage works, but none of us expected to find a family of cats!

“Two kittens, thought to be 8-9 weeks old, have unfortunately been rejected by the parents due to the arrival of a second litter. They now need a new home and we are appealing to our customers to find them one and avoid bringing them to an animal shelter.

“They are too young to judge whether they are male or female, however, one could very well be male as he sits in his box all day and does nothing and the other is rarely indoors, too busy catching birds! They are very friendly so will make good pets.

“I can’t say it’s the strangest thing we have found, as we have found a baby’s car seat, engine parts, Bart Simpson, and even a sofa before, however, it is definitely the nicest!”

NI Water is spending over £2.5 million every year to keep our sewers and treatment works running freely and you can help by not flushing inappropriate items such as baby wipes, cotton buds and sanitary items down the loo and by not dumping rubbish down manholes.

If you would like to adopt these adorable kittens and give them a good home, contact Colin Jackson or Angela Torrens on 08457 440088 or email