Telly time for Ulster American Folk Park

IRISH TV presenter Malcahi Cush with Donna and Mark Taggart.
IRISH TV presenter Malcahi Cush with Donna and Mark Taggart.

THE Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, which attracts visitors from Mid-Ulster, is set to gain global TV exposure this coming week when a special programme on the historical outdoor museum will be broadcast on SKY TV.

The programme will also be broadcast on PBS in America reaching 38 million homes.

This one hour special programme called ‘Out and About in Ulster’ will be broadcast on SKY TV channel 191/Freesat 400 and online at this Thursday (January 16).

TV presenter Malachi Cush visits the museum to explore the lifestyle and experiences of Irish immigrants who sailed from Ulster to America in the 18th and 19th centuries. The show also features engaging interviews with Dr Phil Mowat, Head of Emigration at National Museums Northern Ireland and Richard Hurst, Visitor Services Manager at the Ulster American Folk Park.

Commenting on the programme, Malachi Cush IRISH TV presenter said this was a phenomenal opportunity to showcase the magical museum to a global TV audience.

“I have visited many historical sites in Ireland over the past year and The Ulster American Folk Park is right up there at the very top. As soon as you arrive at the museum you feel as if you are living in the past. The Ulster American Folk Park has

left no stone unturned to provide a truly unique and wonderful experience for their visitors,” he said.

Speaking about the SKY TV programme on IRISH TV, Visitor Services Manager Richard Hurst said they were thrilled to have Malachi and his IRISH TV crew at the Ulster American Folk Park.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the open-air museum to a huge audience and I know the viewers will enjoy the

programme. This museum attracts tourists from all over the world who are immersed by the historical links connecting Ulster and America. I want to thank the entire TV crew for their interest and professionalism all weekend long,” he said.