The strange case of a disputed will

The sight of wealthy families engaging in courtroom battles over the terms of a will is always

fascinating: washing dirty linen in public is nothing new.

Malcolm Duffey will reveal the strange goings on in the privileged world of late eighteenth- century Tyrone when he speaks to the members of the Stewartstown History Society on Monday 26th November in the Crieve Centre.

Last month’s meeting saw Jonathan Bell, no stranger to Stewartstown, deliver a very interesting talk, complete with

evocative slides,on the topic of Irish Farming through the years.

The legal action whereby the daughters of Acheson Moore of Aughnacloy contested the will of their late father, and accused Arthur Thomas Stewart of Stuart Hall, Stewartstown, of unduly influencing their befuddled parent into leaving him the bulk of the Moore property - this is the stuff of Dallas or Hollywood.

Interested? Come along at 8pm on Monday November 26 to the Crieve Centre.