Video: Spoof Cookstown drugs video a hit on Youtube

A GROUP of comedians from Cookstown have released a spoof drugs documentary which has attracted almost 2,000 views on Youtube in just over a week.

In the video titled ‘Inside Ulster’ a reporter investigates a bizarre addiction.

Cookstown Sizzling Comedy Club

Cookstown Sizzling Comedy Club

The video is the work of the Cookstown Sizzling Comedy Club, who will be appearing at the Burnavon on Saturday, November 30, the last date of a year-long tour which has included the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Club founder, Alan Burns said: “We took the comedy club over to Edinburgh to showcase the best of Irish comedians and what an unbelievable reception we got, it was a lot of hard work, after all I did 92 shows in 24 days.”

Looking back on the last 12 months, Alan picked out the highlights.

“Of course our very first night in The Burnavon in May was fantastic playing to a massive home crowd was a real mad buzz, we also had Colin Murphy of The Blame Game play in The Mac in Belfast to a mental crowd as well.

“Plus Michael Redmond and Joe Rooney of Father Ted fame in the Braid in Ballymena, also meeting John Bishop and getting advice of him about being a stand up and running a comedy club was something I’ll never forget, there really is to many to decide which one is my favourite.

“All I know is our last date of the tour in The Burnavon on the 30th November is going to be a night not to be missed.

“On the night we have Cookstowns very own Mark Charles, comedy club regulars Paddy McCaughy, Justin McNally and Terry McHugh and headlining the show is the wonderful Neil Duggan as seen on the BBC’s One Night Stand who also keeps the crowd entertained on the Steven Nolan Show and of course Alan himself will be on with all new tales of madness,” said Alan.

You can watch the full Youtube video here