Video: What’s a selfie?

Over the past few weeks, the term ‘selfie’ has been posted all over the internet and mentioned on the news, in the wake of the recent ‘no make up selfie’ campaign for Cancer Research UK.

However, does everyone know what a ‘selfie’ is? When the members of the o4o Luncheon Club in Cookstown were asked if they knew what it was, the responses were mixed.

The 'selfie' taken at the o4o luncheon club in Cookstown.

The 'selfie' taken at the o4o luncheon club in Cookstown.

Sam Parke thought a ‘selfie’ might be “someone who thinks only of themselves”, whereas John McFarland didn’t know what it was.

One member, Margaret Park knew what a ‘selfie’ was and Jim Henry had heard of it but wasn’t sure what is was.

In this case, not everyone knew what a ‘selfie’ was, but it shows that the generation gap is shrinking with a few members aware of this type of picture.

For those who don’t know, a ‘selfie’ is when a person takes a picture of themselves for social media.