£10,000 seized drugs cash awarded to addictions groups

MONEY seized during a drugs raid in the South Tyrone area has been awarded to two local addictions support groups.

The cash was the subject of court orders which specified the money should go to a local charity or group.

The groups which will benefit are Breakthru in Dungannon and TIPSA in Cookstown.

Lord Maurice Morrow has welcomed the move, saying:“This is a very positive development which will see funds recovered

during a drugs search in the South Tyrone area, being expended on assisting those who have addictions.

“The PSNI are to be commended for taking this decisive step to divert the funds which were obviously accumulated through criminal activity involving illegal drugs.

“Instead of going towards the furtherance of more suffering and heartache in the community, the funds will be utilised assisting victims to conquer addictions.

“No doubt these two organisations will value the funds being directed to them as they are in the frontline of fighting the scourge of drugs in our community.

“This is a prime example of how offenders should be made responsible for the hurt and wreckage of lives they have caused but of which they care nothing. Their chief concern is the money they make. On this occasion the tables have

been turned and they are being deprived of their funds, which will instead go towards repairing some of the damage they created.”