£10 million rural roads initiative benefits south Derry - Milne

Ian Milne MLA
Ian Milne MLA

Sinn Féin MLA for Mid-Ulster, Ian Milne has welcomed a briefing he received last week from Department of Infrastructure officials regarding forthcoming road works in the south Derry area including Slaughtneil Road, Tirkane.

Mr Milne said: "I was pleased to be informed that much needed resurfacing work at Slaughtneil Road, Tirkane is to commence at the beginning of 2017. Local rural dwellers as well as the many people who visit the area to avail of walking opportunities at the foot of 'An Carn' will be very pleased to learn of this much needed work. I commend my party colleague and Minister of Infrastructure, Chris Hazzard for upon being appointed minister, very quickly giving this matter his attention in a positive manner. His decision fits well with other positive decisions he has taken over recent weeks regarding the rural road network across County Derry."

"At the briefing by DRD officials at which I was accompanied by Sinn Féin councillors Brian McGuigan and Seán Clarke, we were informed that road works are also planned for Disert Road (Ballinsasreen) and Newferry (Bellaghy). I am also pleased to report that much needed road works are to be carried out also on the 'Newtown Corner' section of the Mayogall Road, Clady."

Continuting he said: "On 14 June, the Finance Minister announced the outcome of June monitoring. As a result of the capital allocation to the Department of Infrastructure , Chris Hazzard was pleased to be able to announce that the £10 million rural roads initiative would be launched. The rural roads initiative will target sections of the network in greatest need of repair, with the £10 million funding targeted at the areas of greatest need right across the four Transport NI divisions. The £10 million will deliver up to 1,000 small-scale resurfacing schemes on short lengths of rural roads with high numbers of potholes. The schemes started immediately so that the benefits will be realised as early as possible.

"Last month we welcomed Minister Hazzard on his visit to South Derry. As improving rural roads will make a real difference to the lives of those living in rural communities we were most pleased to be able to identify the sections in greatest need. We hope to have a response from Department officials in relation to other sections of our road network in the very near future."