13th attack on Polish family in Moneymore


AN attack on the home of a Polish family in Moneymore - the 13th incident since June - has been strongly condemned by local politicians.

Police are treating the incident, which occurred on Tuesday evening, as a hate crime.

A window was smashed when a piece of concrete was thrown at the property, which is the home of a Polish couple and their five children.

The family have been living in Moneymore for two years and say they have been the targets of 13 separate incidents of harassment.

The family, who do not wish to be identified, said their car had also been damaged on previous occasions.

““The police can’t really do anything because they don’t know who is doing it”, said the couple’s daughter on behalf of the family.

“We don’t want to leave Northern Ireland though, we are happy here.”

The attack has been branded “utterly unacceptable” by SDLP councillor, Christine Flynn.

“These are people who have set down roots and become part of the fabric of this community and I am appalled that they continue to be treated this way”, Cllr Flynn continued.

“They have endured verbal abuse and physical attacks ranging from damage to their car to (this) despicable attack where stones were thrown through the windows of their home and into the room where a young child lay asleep in a cot. Not only is this a disgraceful attack on property but it could also have put a very young child in considerable danger.”

Cllr Flynn said she had spoken to the Housing Executive and the PSNI about the “campaign of harassment” against the family, and urged anyone with information to contact police immediately.

Mid Ulster MLA, Michelle O’Neill, also condemned the “shameful” attack on the family.

“This type of behaviour should not and can not be tolerated”, added the Sinn Fein spokeswoman.