£4,000 spend to make Stewartstown ‘even more beautiful’

Cllr Ronan McGinley
Cllr Ronan McGinley

Investment of £4,000 in the upkeep of Stewartstown village, has been welcomed by local Sinn Fein councillor, Ronan McGinley.

The councillor described the village as “an integral part of Mid Ulster” and said the work would make the area safer and ‘even more beautiful’.

Cllr McGinley said the money had been used to carry out improvement work in a number of areas, including the replanting of trees and the removal of dangerous objects and “trip hazards”.

Explaining that the funding had been granted as part of a Cookstown Legacy Project, the Mid Ulster councillor praised the work of those involved in delivering the project.

“Stewartstown is an integral part of Mid Ulster, and I am delighted to see this investment from Cookstown Council”, said the Sinn Fein representative for the area.

“The enhancement of this excellent civic space for the local community has made Stewartstown safer, easier navigated and even more beautiful.”