43 arrests in anti-drugs operation

FORTY-THREE people have been arrested over the last two months as part of a major anti-drugs operation covering the Dungannon and Cookstown areas.

Police in ‘F District’ - which also includes the Omagh and Fermanagh areas - made 94 drugs finds during the period from August 20 to October 12.

The items were seized as part of ‘Operation Torus’, a street-level drug dealing initiative.

Searches involved officers from neighbourhood, crime and specialist dog handling units.

The suspected drugs found during the operation included cannabis, herbal cannabis, cocaine, Mephedrone and prescription medication.

Superintendent Simon Walls, the Operations Manager, said: “This was a significant effort by police in F District and it follows the concerns that are frequently raised with us by members of the public.

“Disrupting street-level drugs dealing is a priority for us, as is investigating the source and chain of supply.

“While Operation Torus ran for a specific period of time, our focus on drugs continues throughout the year.

“We will continue to use all the information and evidence supplied to us by people within our area. We encourage them to continue providing the information we need to tackle an issue that causes harm to individuals, families and communities.”

Across Northern Ireland as a whole, suspected drugs estimated to be worth over £1 million were seized during the operation.

‘Operation Torus’ was supported by a media campaign incorporating billboards, Facebook and washroom advertising, designed to encourage people to report drug dealing to police for them to use the information to take appropriate action against drug dealers.