£500K spent cleaning up after litter louts in Cookstown

Cookstown'Main Street
Cookstown'Main Street

DUP MLA for Mid Ulster, Ian McCrea has expressed his concern at the amount of rubbish thrown down on the streets in Cookstown by people who attend fast food outlets after a night out especially in the James Street area.

Mr McCrea said: “Having recently been contacted by constituents regarding the amount of litter that is lying on the street after some who go to fast food outlets after attending nightclubs in the town centre, throw their chip papers etc. down on the street.

“I accept that it is very difficult to control attitudes of people especially those who have been drinking, this however doesn’t change the fact that the littering around James Street and other parts of the town centre, is less than satisfactory and certainly isn’t in keeping with Cookstown looking good, looking great.

He added: “It is important to recognise the work that Council street cleaners do in getting the litter lifted to make the town centre look so well, though it is worth noting that lifting litter throughout the district costs around £500,000 each year.”

Director of Corporate And Operational Services for Cookstown District Council, Ivor Paisley told the MAIL, the council are committed to keeping the town clean.