A man caught driving at 106mph near Dungannon ‘not used to driving a car’

Police speed patrol
Police speed patrol

A man caught driving at 106mph near Dungannon claimed that he was not used to driving a car, a court has heard.

Emmet Conway, 32, from Kilmore Drive in Armagh, was spotted driving a BMW at speed on March 19.

The police followed him and ascertained his speed to be an average of 106mph in the 70mph zone.

When stopped, he was reported to have said that he was used to driving a van rather than a car.

“This was a deplorable speed,” Mr Blaine Nugent, defending, told the court.

“He is a self-employed plumber with two employees. They rely on his having a licence for work.”

He also described how the defendant had recently become a father and that his family were reliant on him for their income.

Deputy District Judge Connolly imposed five points and a fine of £800 “to reflect the seriousness of ... a very bad speed”.