Accident at Cookstown pedestrian crossing ‘was waiting to happen’

Ambulance crews called
Ambulance crews called

An accident in the centre of Cookstown on Monday evening, has sparked a huge public outcry over the position of the main pedestrian crossing.

It is believed that a young woman in her 20’s was struck by a vehicle in the town, during the busy evening rush hour.

Ambulance crews were called to the main street in Cookstown close to the junction with the Burn Road.

A number of people rushed to the aid of the woman, who is not thought to have been seriously injured and was able to speak to the ambulance personnel at the scene.

Though the circumstances of the accident have not been established, dozens of people took to Facebook to complain about the pedestrian crossing.

One woman wrote: “Surely that crossing is in the worst place ever?

“It’s so dangerous for pedestrians crossing and a blind spot for drivers.”

Another woman said: “Wonder there hasn’t been more pedestrians struck here. Cars not heeding the crossing all the time.”

DUP MLA Ian McCrea responded to the chorus of concerns saying: “I tend to agree that it’s in the wrong place and it has been raised before however, I will raise this with Roads Service again following this accident.”

Speaking to the Mail, Mr McCrea added: “I know it’s difficult to find a suitable place for a crossing like this in Cookstown, but when you have someone knocked down, we will have to take another look to see if safety can be improved.”