Agencies agree to speed survey for traffic in The Loup

Loup Village
Loup Village

A survey to assess the speed of traffic using the Ruskey and Moneymore Roads in The Loup, is to get underway.

Mid Ulster councillor, Christine McFlynn, welcomed the news and said people living in the area had expressed concern about the issue.

The SDLP representative, who also asked road users to “take great care”, said the PSNI and Roads Service have agreed to conduct the survey over the coming weeks.

“There are a growing number of young families in the village and, with the local Primary School also along part of the road, the current 40mph speed limit in the area is increasingly being seen as completely unsuitable”, Cllr McFlynn explained.

“As a result of the local concern I requested that the PSNI and Road Service consider reducing the current speed limit to a 30mph zone.”

The local councillor continued:

“Both agencies have visited the area and, during the week, I met with representatives for a site meeting. “Following that meeting it was agreed that a speed survey will be carried out on both roads over the coming weeks.

“Given the location and the level of local concern I am hopeful that there will be a positive outcome from the review of the current speed limits at the site.

“In the meantime I would again highlight my concerns about road safety at this location, and ask all road users to take great care in the area.”