Alarm over speeding lorries and vans on Loughshore roads risking lives

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Urgent calls have been made for safety measures and improvements to Loughshore roads that are being overrun by speeding lorries, vans and cars.

Campaigners warn that lives will be lost if roads aren’t fixed and traffic does not slow down.

Mid Ulster Councillor Ronan McGinley called on people to slow down. This comes after a number of complaints were made during meetings and local engagements by the Sinn Féin team around the Loughshore area.

The Councillor has called on both local people, and those passing through the area, to be mindful of others, to remember their personal responsibility when in charge of vehicles and to ‘simply slow down’.

Councillor McGinley stated: “The roads around the Loughshore can be dangerous for a number of reasons. We have seen a significant increase in usage of our local road network, with bigger and heavier vehicles in operation.

“This has in turn led to a higher rate of disrepair. These points have been raised to Transport NI and I will continue to lobby for investment in this area, an area which I believe has been underinvested for far to long.

“However, this particular campaign is about speed. The simple fact is that if people do not slow down, someone is going to get killed on our roads.

There is a large volume of traffic passing through this area, and local residents have continuously raised the fact that speed is becoming a higher risk every day. Despite many speed restricted areas, cars, vans, lorries continue to break the limits.

“We can call for measures to be put in place to slow vehicles down, and in some areas, this may be appropriate. But the most effective way that we will increase safety on the roads is for people to take responsibility themselves, and simply slow down.

“I would call on all drivers to take responsibility and be mindful of others before something irreversible happens”.