Almost £3m to be spent maintaining houses in Magherafelt district

The property market still has a way to go the RICS report says
The property market still has a way to go the RICS report says

The Housing Executive will provide new social housing and invest £2.83m upgrading and maintaining tenants’ homes in the Magherafelt District Council area over the next year.

North regional manager, Frank O’Connor, told members of the local Council last night that maintaining their housing stock was a priority.

“This year we will be spending £1.46 million on planned and response maintenance to Housing Executive homes,” he said.

“This will include the installation of double glazing in 28 homes, new heating in 64 homes, smoke alarms in 152 and external work to 127 homes.

“We will also support those tenants who need help to live independently in their

homes through the provision of adaptations.

“Last year we spent £117,100 on both major and minor works helping people live more comfortably in their homes.

“As part of the Housing Executive’s Community Involvement Strategy a Tenant

Scrutiny Panel for the East area was established.

“This panel scrutinises the services they feel are most important to tenants in the local area and has undertaken some valuable work reviewing and improving housing services for local people.

“The Housing Executive’s BRIC Programme and Shared Communities Programme remained important contributors to the local community.”