American old-time band Foghorn Stringband play Cookstown

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COOKSTOWN will have some special guests all the way from Portland, Oregon in the form of ‘redneck’ American band Foghorn Stringband who will be performing on Tuesday.

Internationally acclaimed Foghorn Stringband has been at the vanguard of a revival in American old-time music for over a decade now. They’ve traveled the globe, been signed to a major label, and inspired a new generation of old-time musicians, all without compromising their love of traditional American music.

But they’ve gathered new ideas and new band members too. Their unique sound still comes from the fiery, intertwining melodies of Stephen “Sammy” Lind’s fiddle and Caleb Klauder’s mandolin, but now they’re supported by the bedrock-solid rhythm foundation of Reeb Willms’ guitar and Nadine Landry’s bass.

And when it comes to vocals, they deliver; four powerful and exceptional voices resulting in countless combinations of harmonies. A typical Foghorn set is based around exquisitely rare old-time tunes and songs, but a vast knowledge of early country music and recent explorations in Cajun song traditions have molded a powerful new sound.

On their critically acclaimed CD, ‘Sud de la Louisiane’, released earlier this year, Foghorn draws from the same repertoire that has always inspired their work: the tunes and songs of the American South, from the hollers of Appalachia to the early days of country music.

Performing live, these multi-instrumentalists gather around a single microphone in the middle of the stage, the way you’d have heard stringbands play on Southern radio stations back in the 1930s. They don’t fancy up the music to make it more modern, instead they reach deep into the heart of the songs, pulling out the deep emotions that made them so enduring in the first place.

Wowing audiences across the country and across the pond playing over 200 days a year, Foghorn is one of the most sought after acts for festival stages and music camps so catch your chance to see them on their Irish tour this Tuesday 1 May at The Red Room, Cookstown, doors at 8.30pm. For more information call Sharon on 07747120659.