‘Anti-British Mid Ulster Council strengthening TUV’ election campaign

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TUV leader Jim Allister joined his party’s Westminster candidate in Mid Ulster Gareth Ferguson on the canvass around the constituency last week.

In a statement, pointing to what he claims are the failings of Stormont, Mr Ferguson said there was also deep anger over decisions taken by the new Mid Ulster council.

“As important as bread and butter issues are it is clear that there are many people in the Unionist community who are angry about the ongoing attacks on their Britishness,” said Mr Ferguson.

“There is deep resentment that the local council should have banned the sale of poppies on its premises and expunged any reference to the UK from council email addresses and their website.

“People know that TUV - and only TUV - oppose the Republican agenda all year round.

“It is by voting Ferguson X on election day that people can best send a message that enough is enough both in relation to the failures of Stormont and the Sinn Fein culture war.”

Jim Allister added: “The response on the doors has been most encouraging. I believe that there is real evidence of a turning away from the old parties and towards the positive vision offered by TUV.

“The fact that the election looks set to result in a hung Parliament underscores the fact that across the UK a genuine coalition will have to be formed between parties which can agree.

“Yet in Northern Ireland we are lumbered with a system which gives every major party seats in government as of right.

“At this election TUV and only TUV is presenting the real alternative to the politics of failure and advocating a system which actually can deliver for all of our people.”